fortnite broke the new mythic items...

2020-ж., 11-сен.
2 426 673 Көрүүлөр

these *UNRELEASED* mythic items are broken
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    • I was xd micemy

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    • So are the mithics epic or the game mode

      phanta śatickphanta śatick19 күн мурун
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  • 6:51 That was so cool

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  • When me and my friend marvel knockout (we play in controller) we just spam *everything-*

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  • in holly the same happened to me i think its a glich

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  • Iron man: pew pew Worlverine: shing shing Storm: weeee Doctor doom: boom boom Thor: look up

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  • i just got an ad that said "Cox the #1 software for streaming your favorite movies and shows" and I wasn't looking at the screen and I was like woah there bud!!!

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  • I like watching people that are better than me

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  • Epic games

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  • Hulk doesn't have a power its she hulks power

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  • How did u get that emote

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  • This game mode has no fall damage

    Jessica OroscoJessica Orosco20 күн мурун
  • Which one should I get the skull Sikkle or skull ranger I might get le skull ranger

    Cameron LeClairCameron LeClair20 күн мурун
  • who else realizes that the venom power is the exact same thing as a harpoon gun

    Arya JadiaArya Jadia21 күн мурун
  • Epic

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  • Me when I am taking a s*it 6:23

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  • I didnt like and i can confirm, the abomination showed up in my game

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  • Your sick 😊👍

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  • 10:32 what are we 10:30 WE ARE THE BEST SUPER HREROS ON THE PLANET !

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  • Why is this my new comedy channel?

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  • Wolverine vs she hulk

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  • Mcreamy: all of the mythics are in the game for some reason Mystique: am I a joke yo you?

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  • Bro

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  • Me and my duo would have wrecked yous

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  • We all don’t play fortnite because how broken it is

  • When creamy did the worm i felt it😖

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  • If you emote and then you use storms thing you can fly

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  • Mr. flimflam is better than you

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  • The intro though

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  • No one og skull trooper twerking at start and end of vid

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  • McCreamy:these guys are tryhards Says the guy that got two kills in a row

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    • Bruh that’s easy

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  • great sound effects creamy👍

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  • What gamemode is this?

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  • Please checkout my recent video I uploaded the trailer for the new FaZe Rug movie I’d appreciate

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  • The Iron man powers are really good on crontroller but it dosent look so good on PC

    CD AnimationsCD AnimationsАй мурун
  • 0:00 creamy you forgot to press shift

    Foxo StratumFoxo StratumАй мурун
  • Me: bf2 sweat and already knows the keybinds Mcreamy: SWEATS

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  • 6:50 was personally satisfying

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  • one person he killed was named xdcreamy

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  • This is super smash bro’s in fortnite

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  • Tells players to stop sweating, but he's a sweat himself lmao

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  • wait ur real name is charles

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  • Creamy is very passionate about winning. (Killing them)

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  • They look like Jarvis

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  • 0:18 mcreamy what have you done you made mystique cry

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  • That game mode isn’t available for switch R.I.P switch players

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  • when creamy is actually mongraul

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  • Best anime moments: 1:38

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  • Says the other teams were tryhards yet you do the same thing as them 😂😂

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  • like for how many times he said i DoNt mEaN tO aLaRm U

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  • Creamy if you emote then use the storm ability u can fly for 30 seconds

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  • MC creamy: I'M WOLVERINE!!!! : me my name is Logan

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  • The mongrels ching bit was funny good content

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  • I found the vendetta I have a screenshot

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  • Lol Marvel knockout is disabled on switch so can't play it

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  • Imagine wolverine's mythics actually dealt 9999 damage

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