the ultimate stream sniper

2020-ж., 12-апр.
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this is the best thing you'll ever watch
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  • Next video: Stream sniping Ninja until he reports me Ninja: Reports McCreamy straight away, first match McCreamy: Cmon mannn!!! I need more content!!! 2 minutes isn't enough for a video!!!!!!!!

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  • Anyone else notice that his friends name is CollyVid-19

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  • Creamy vs iLee

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  • 0:26 how did that edit not go through

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  • There was a hacker wearing an unreleased skin

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  • "lets stream snipe him, but wholesomely" McCreamy 2020.

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  • Hey creamy if you see this I love your vids I always watch youre vids if I am sad because my dad has cancer and I watch you and then I feel good again and this vid was so good and wholesome and I hope you have a great day bro love you byee

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  • Its not McCreamy and if it is his username would be McCreamy not MCCREAMY

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  • Mccreamy is a nice person

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  • You don’t even stream snipe

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  • One of the funniest stream snipers

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  • I love this video McCreamy

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  • I just keep repeating the video again and again idk why xD

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  • Little did all of them know that all of them were gonna be in a video with 9 million views

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  • I wanna know the music when Lachlan was fighting the guy

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  • It says 46 kills and then when it happened he had 0 kills

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  • Lachlan:Who’s a rat Me: Sixnine

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  • Sorry that was my stupid cousin and if I can tell you that I hit him in he’s head for that so yeah do you want me to do that a second time for you creamy it’s ok for me cuz he live with us cuz he’s parent which is my ant and uncl left him wen he was just a kid 🧒🏻

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  • Maybe the steam sniper was a hacker who hack McCreamy account and steam Snip Lachlan

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